5 Ways To Build Trust In Your Significant Other

In my practice as a marriage and family therapist in Dubai and certified Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) couple’s therapist in Dubai, I frequently hear from my clients that they want to build or rebuild trust in their significant other. Marriage counseling, couple’s therapy and relationship coaching all help partners take practical and realistic steps to build trust. When trust is lost for whatever reason, this becomes an obstacle to real intimacy and emotional safety. It is essential that trust is restored in the significant other for the relationship to flourish.  

As a family therapist, I usually explain to my clients that it is easier to lose trust than it is to gain it back again. However, the relationship can become stronger than before if both individuals were sincere about working on restoring trust. If you are determined to build or rebuild trust in your significant other, here are five different steps you can take now to do this:

5 Ways To Build Trust

  • Honesty

If you are looking to increasing trust in your relationship, you must be honest about your feelings, needs, expectations, and fears. You must be as transparent and as clear as possible about what you would like from your significant other to rebuild the trust. Lying, placating, blaming, or stonewalling will just make things worse.

  • Vulnerability

We cannot be close to our significant other without risking being vulnerable. The payoff for vulnerability is real intimacy. Developing a tight bond with our significant other requires vulnerability. Building trust requires you to open yourself up and give your significant other the opportunity to show that they are trustworthy. Take risks together to reveal parts of yourself and reap the rewards of a stronger connection.

  • Assume Positive Intention

If you are serious about rebuilding trust, it is imperative that you always try to assume the positive intention of your partner. This might not be easy in the beginning, but it is important that you try to steer away from always doubting your partner’s intentions.

  • Reciprocity

It is crucial that you give and allow yourself to receive from your significant other. Accept the moves that your significant other makes to build trust and reciprocate it by appreciating them and making moves yourself to come closer. This builds bridges in the relationship

  • Let Go

To allow yourself to reap the benefits and rewards of trust you must be willing to let go of the old story of betrayal and turn over a new leaf. Consider this a new stage of your relationship and make a fresh start together by changing your behaviors and attitude for the better. Let go of the past to give space for growth in the relationship.

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If you would like to create a stronger connection with your partner or your family members, now is the time to be proactive and get engaged in couples counseling and couples’ therapy. Marriage and family therapy help you strengthen your relationship and become better partners and parents for your children. It is essential to understand that involving an experienced, caring, and non-judgmental couples’ therapist can make a huge difference. As a Marriage and Family Therapist based in Dubai, I work with couples from all over the world to overcome the challenges they face in their relationship. Marriage counseling in Dubai and Couples therapy in Dubai is incredibly effective. If you are searching for a professional and a highly qualified marriage counselor and couple’s therapist, an ICEEFT certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist (EFT) in Dubai, to help you get through your difficult times, please reach out to me. I meet my clients face to face in my office in Dubai or do marriage and family counseling online via zoom. If you are anywhere in the world and feel like speaking to a Family and Couples Counselor and doing couples therapy at the convenience of your home, please contact me at ds@www.daliasheiha.com or WhatsApp me on 00971502369395.


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