Unraveling The Impact Of The Pandemic On Couples And Their Relationships

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The global pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives and especially romantic relationships. Some couples were able to come out of it stronger than before, but others could not withstand its impact and became more distant or even divorced.  Providers of couples therapy throughout Dubai has witnessed an increase in the influx of couples … Read more

From Partners to Parents: How to Overcome Parenthood Challenges as A Couple

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Transitioning from being a couple to becoming parents is not easy. Partners find that the dynamics of their relationship changes significantly once they become parents. Their daily routine, individual roles, and responsibilities immediately shift.  Couples must understand these physical and emotional changes to cope with this new phase in their lives. I strongly recommend that … Read more

NLP: How Can You Overcome Phobias with This Therapy

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Many people suffer from different kinds of phobias which are excessive fears of certain things. These phobias can vary from being afraid of specific animals or insects to being scared to fly in airplanes.  These fears can be unbearable and crippling to the extent that those struggling with it cannot go on with their daily … Read more

Improve The Quality Of Your Relationship With A Loved One Using Relationship Therapy

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The best investment you can make in life is to invest in improving the quality of your relationship with a loved one. Nothing beats a strong connection with a loved one. It is said that when people realize that they have a terminal illness or when they are facing death that the one thing they … Read more

Understanding The Role Of EFT In Dealing With Anxiety

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In light of the challenging time we are living in now, anxiety has become a common disorder that many individuals struggle with. Studies show that there are many different forms of anxiety, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) has been scientifically proven to help clients dealing with anxiety.  In EFT therapy sessions, clients realize that their … Read more