The Importance of Emotional Safety for Couples in a Relationship

Having a strong emotional connection with your partner in a romantic relationship is extremely important. That means that you not only spend quality time together but that you feel safe enough to share your hopes, fears, pains, and longings. As a Marriage and Family Therapist and Couples therapist in Dubai, I can assure you that

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Marriage Therapist

Relationship Maintenance: What This Means for You and Your Family

In the beginning, relationships are fun, exciting and easy. Not much effort is required to maintain the relationship as the level of passion and satisfaction is quite high especially at the very early stages. However, as time passes by things change and couples find themselves dragged in the daily routine and boredom starts to creep

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Family Therapist

Family Planning: Why Including Therapy Can Help Make A Difference

Family planning is about the choice a couple makes with regards to having children in general. This could be about the timing of pregnancy or the number of births. It could also be about handling postpartum and post-abortion issues. It also involves helping in decisions that some couples struggle with, especially at the beginning of their

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Marriage counseling

From Partners to Parents: How to Overcome Parenthood Challenges as A Couple

Transitioning from being a couple to becoming parents is not easy. Partners find that the dynamics of their relationship changes significantly once they become parents. Their daily routine, individual roles, and responsibilities immediately shift.  Couples must understand these physical and emotional changes to cope with this new phase in their lives. I strongly recommend that

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CBT Therapy

The Path To Recovery: How CBT Helps You Overcome Trauma

Many people find it extremely difficult to overcome trauma in their life. As a result, they live with the symptoms of the trauma and continue suffering on a daily basis. The good news is you don’t have to suffer any longer since Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT has been proven to be an extremely effective

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