Family Therapist

Family Planning: Why Including Therapy Can Help Make A Difference

Family planning is about the choice a couple makes with regards to having children in general. This could be about the timing of pregnancy or the number of births. It could also be about handling postpartum and post-abortion issues. It also involves helping in decisions that some couples struggle with, especially at the beginning of their

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Marriage counseling

From Partners to Parents: How to Overcome Parenthood Challenges as A Couple

Transitioning from being a couple to becoming parents is not easy. Partners find that the dynamics of their relationship changes significantly once they become parents. Their daily routine, individual roles, and responsibilities immediately shift.  Couples must understand these physical and emotional changes to cope with this new phase in their lives. I strongly recommend that

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CBT Therapy

The Path To Recovery: How CBT Helps You Overcome Trauma

Many people find it extremely difficult to overcome trauma in their life. As a result, they live with the symptoms of the trauma and continue suffering on a daily basis. The good news is you don’t have to suffer any longer since Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT has been proven to be an extremely effective

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Marriage Counseling

Mend Your Broken Relationships With Professional Help

Usually, couples come to me to do marriage counseling after having given up on trying to mend their broken relationship. They come to family therapy, hoping that there is a quick fix for the years and years of misery that they have been suffering together.  Now they are stuck between a rock and a hard

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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP: How Can You Overcome Phobias with This Therapy

Many people suffer from different kinds of phobias which are excessive fears of certain things. These phobias can vary from being afraid of specific animals or insects to being scared to fly in airplanes.  These fears can be unbearable and crippling to the extent that those struggling with it cannot go on with their daily

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EFT Therapist In Dubai

Understanding The Role Of EFT In Dealing With Anxiety

In light of the challenging time we are living in now, anxiety has become a common disorder that many individuals struggle with. Studies show that there are many different forms of anxiety, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) has been scientifically proven to help clients dealing with anxiety.  In EFT therapy sessions, clients realize that their

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EFT Therapist

The Question of Relationships: A.R.E You There for Me?

Married couples come to me regularly to help them solve their problems and feel more connected. They explain to me about all the things they argue about and go into details of the issues that they are fighting about, trying to each win me over as a Marriage and Family Therapist on their respective sides.

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Couples Therapy

Effective Couple Communication Tips to Create Stronger Connection

Most of the couples that I see on a daily basis come in marriage and couple therapy complaining that they struggle to communicate effectively with each other. They explain to me how their partner constantly misunderstands them and how they feel lonely in their relationship. Virginia Satir, who is famously known as the mother of

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