Coping With Loss: Understanding The Impact Of Grief On Your Relationship

We all go through some loss in life and the loss of an important relationship could be the hardest of all. Grief is generally associated with the death of a loved one, however, it could also be the result of any loss or a significant life-changing moment. In my practice as a marriage and family therapist in Dubai and certified Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) couple’s therapist in Dubai, I frequently work with individuals who struggle with the impact of grief on their relationship. Marriage counselling, couple’s therapy and relationship coaching all help individuals navigate safely through the darkness of grief.

Grief can be very painful and overwhelming and there are different stages to it. As a Family Therapist and Couples Therapist, I usually explain to my clients that it is important to allow yourself to grieve and to seek help with it. The grief cycle includes a roller coaster of emotions such as anger, shock, guilt, sadness, denial, and bargaining. Each individual deals with grief differently. One person may react by reaching out and trying to connect while another person may withdraw and shut themselves out. The impact of grief is huge on your existing relationship and your loved one may have difficulty dealing with how you are mourning. There are two main ways to work through grief within your relationship.

Two Ways to Work Through Grief Together

  • Reach Out

Whether you are the one grieving or your partner is the one struggling with grief, it is important to reach out to one another with love. It is essential to be aware that your spouse is most likely also affected by grief in your relationship. Try to find it in you to reach out and give or receive physical or emotional comfort from your partner. Supporting one another in moments of grief and times of loss is crucial for your relationship to flourish. 

  • Communicate

It is extremely important to communicate with one another and have a deep and real conversation about the loss. Helping each other cope with the severity of grief brings you closer together and strengthens the bond between you. Avoiding the feelings of sadness and depression for example that comes with grief worsens the problem. Allow yourself to cry and let it all out because expressing it and talking about it together helps with acceptance and passing through it safely. It is also important to ask each other for the space and the connection when needed in a loving way. So, find the right time and process it together.

Book Your Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy Now

If you would like to do couples counseling as support during times of grief and create a stronger connection with your partner or your family members, now is the time to be proactive and get engaged in couples counseling and couples’ therapy. Marriage and family therapy help you strengthen your relationship and become better partners and parents for your children. It is essential to understand that involving an experienced, caring, and non-judgmental couples’ therapist can make a huge difference. As a Marriage and Family Therapist based in Dubai, I work with couples from all over the world to overcome the challenges they face in their relationship. Marriage counseling in Dubai and Couples therapy in Dubai is incredibly effective. If you are searching for a professional and a highly qualified marriage counselor and couple’s therapist, an ICEEFT certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist (EFT) in Dubai, to help you get through your difficult times, please reach out to me. I meet my clients face to face in my office in Dubai or do marriage and family counseling online via zoom. If you are anywhere in the world and feel like speaking to a Family and Couples Counselor and doing couples therapy at the convenience of your home, please contact me at or WhatsApp me on 00971502369395.

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