NLP: How Can You Overcome Phobias with This Therapy

Many people suffer from different kinds of phobias which are excessive fears of certain things. These phobias can vary from being afraid of specific animals or insects to being scared to fly in airplanes. 

These fears can be unbearable and crippling to the extent that those struggling with it cannot go on with their daily lives and activities normally. Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) has proven to be extremely effective in treating any phobias in a very short period of time.

Phobias and Their Causes

Reactions to phobia can be overbearing and just even the thought of the scary stimulus can cause clients a lot of anxiety. Some people have phobias from certain situations the most common of which is public speaking. 

Others have phobias from certain environments such as fear of heights. Fear of animals like snakes or lizards is very common as well. There are many aspects that contribute to this excessive fear. 

For instance, a phobia could be the result of a previous traumatic experience with the stimulus. Moreover, it could be learned from others in the history of the client who has been seriously under threat from the stimulus.

How does NLP Treat Phobias?

NLP helps clients understand how fear is a protective mechanism whereby our body has a built-in fight, flight, or freeze response. NLP aids clients also to explore the root of this specific phobia. 

Once the client has this knowledge, an NLP technique of using imagination, dissociation, and self-reflection is applied. This technique is similar to making the clients see themselves through the eye of a third person as if watching a movie of their lives and rewinding it. 

This minimizes the fear of the client and makes the fear more realistic and logical. Therefore, NLP addresses the thoughts of the clients and reduces the fear to make the reaction equal to the probability of the stimulus actually happening. 

In other words, NLP reprograms the unconscious mind and helps clients unlearn negative patterns of behaviors and reactions. There is no shame in having a phobia and getting rid of it is the best thing you can do to yourself to live a happy and healthy life. 

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