The Path To Recovery: How CBT Helps You Overcome Trauma

Many people find it extremely difficult to overcome trauma in their life. As a result, they live with the symptoms of the trauma and continue suffering on a daily basis. The good news is you don’t have to suffer any longer since Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT has been proven to be an extremely effective treatment that overcomes trauma. 

What Is CBT?

CBT is an evidence-based treatment that focuses on changing the negative patterns of cognitive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It helps modify unhelpful thoughts and reactions. The treatment focuses on the client’s view of the self and the perspective of others as well as the world. It treats a wide variety of psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety. CBT is designed to assist both adults and children. 

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is a reaction to something extremely stressful. It could be the result of one incident that was life-threatening or several repeated dangerous events. Trauma could be dormant, meaning a client does not show signs of it for long periods unless triggered, in which case the symptoms are experienced. Examples of trauma are child abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, or sexual abuse. Trauma can lead to feelings of guilt, anger, depression, and self-abuse. Post-traumatic stress disorder can manifest in a number of ways, such as sleep disorders.

How Does CBT Help Heal Trauma?

CBT helps clients alter thought and behavior patterns related to the trauma. This happens by making clients understand the link between thoughts, emotions, and responses leading to more constructive thinking, emotional regulation, and positive behaviors. CBT results in healthier cognitive and emotional functioning by encouraging clients to re-evaluate their distorted thoughts and reconceptualize their awareness of the trauma.

In other words, CBT aids clients in developing healthier coping mechanisms to the trauma narrative or events that happen in life that could be triggers of trauma symptoms. As a skilled base model, CBT paves the way for clients to establish more self-control and manage stressful situations. A CBT therapist’s goal is to equip clients with the tools to overcome the overwhelming thoughts that cause stress, anxiety, and depression. The skills learned during the CBT therapy sessions are practiced by clients outside the therapy sessions and repeated. 

Psychological wounds mostly require guided and professional help to heal. As an experienced and caring therapist, I assist you in alleviating trauma-related symptoms. So, if you are searching for a professional and a highly qualified marriage counselor and couple’s therapist that practices CBT in Dubai to help you overcome your trauma, please reach out to me.

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