Marriage and Couples Sessions

As an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist, I help my couples overcome the negative cycle they are stuck in to develop a deeper, more secure loving relationship. Together we work on reconnecting, repairing and rebuilding trust as well as restoring communication and secure attachments. In our first session we discuss a therapy plan that best suits you as a couple while making sure that you are both validated and feeling safe. I make sure that my couples feel that my office space is a no judgement zone to pour their hearts out. I also work with couple’s in the pre-marriage stage to help them get a better perspective on the road ahead and guide them on how to overcome future bumps. I also do discernment counseling to help couples on the brink of divorce gain more clarity about the direction of their relationship and how to handle children in the process.

Family Sessions

I work with all kinds of families whose members are struggling to connect or overcome behavioral or emotional issues. I make sure each individual’s needs in the family is being addressed and validated. In our sessions together, we work on building bridges of understanding. I also work with divorced, separated and step families to manage any conflicts or feuds.


Raising a child can be very challenging, difficult and exhausting especially if the child shows signs of behavior issues. I guide overwhelmed parents become more conscious about their parenting style and find the most suitable method to reap the desirable results based on their child’s individual case. Since both parents are the most influential people in a child’s life, my first session has to include the presence of both parents together to work as a team to find the best parenting style.


I help my clients gain a better insight into themselves and overcome stress, anger and depression. My extensive training as a therapist and coach as well as my life experience dealing with different kinds of people, helps me tailor the best goal-oriented therapy plan for my individual clients. I work with my clients to become more assertive and develop a positive mindset while leading a meaningful more peaceful life.

Grief and Loss

I help clients overcome the process of mourning and grief. I give my clients the safe space to address all the normal accompanying feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger, loneliness, shock and guilt. I work with my clients to adapt to the loss and move forward in life.