Family Therapy

Family Therapy SessionsAs a certified Satir Transformational Systemic Family Therapist, I help family members improve their relationships and communication skills by assisting them address their actions, emotions, perceptions, expectations and needs. The Satir family therapy model was created by Virginia Satir who is known worldwide as the “Mother of Family Therapy”. She believed in the importance of family relationships and that healing the family is what leads to healing the world. The Satir model is the most effective form of family therapy. The core ideas of the Satir method is that all people are innately good and that problems arise from the way people cope with them not from the problems themselves. My individual clients benefit tremendously from this approach whereby I help them work through past trauma and develop inner peace. In group family sessions, I assist family members to express themselves in a way that brings them closer to each other and create more understanding between them.

As an ICEEFT certified Emotionally Focused (EFT) Therapist and EFT Supervisor candidate I also practice Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT). This form of therapy is considered a breakthrough in the world of family therapy. EFFT aids family members to create a stronger connection by promoting greater understanding, trust and respect. EFFT also helps family members communicate in ways that brings them closer together where they feel more emotionally secure. Family members usually start EFFT family therapy struggling to communicate positively. They suffer from heightened conflict and stress. Both parents and children feel misunderstood, angry and sad. EFFT family therapy helps them feel validated and heard. In EFFT family therapy sessions they learn communication techniques that make them feel more understood and find effective solutions by themselves for their own problems. Families come out of EFFT family therapy sessions having more secure bonds and healthy interactions.

If relationships within your family are nasty and bitter, then family therapy could be the best solution for you. Family therapy is also extremely useful if you are just hoping to create a deeper connection with your family members. The duration of the family therapy session is one hour and fifteen minutes. In the initial session I guide my clients through the process of setting therapeutic goals. Depending on the case, an average of six sessions and up to twelve sessions is usually needed to reach maximum results. I make sure that the needs of each family member is being addressed and validated. Moreover, I ensure that each individual feels valued, supported, heard and understood in the family therapy sessions with me. I work with all kinds of families whose members are struggling to connect or overcome behavioral or emotional issues. In our sessions together, we work on building bridges of understanding. I also work with divorced, separated and step families to manage any conflicts or feuds. As a therapist, I am actively engaged, caring and genuine.