Marriage and Couple Therapy

Marriage and Couples SessionsAs a Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist, my philosophy is based on the importance of secure relationships which is integral to the human mental and physical health. In my sessions, I help couples overcome the negative cycle they are stuck in to develop a deeper, more secure loving relationship. Together we work on reconnecting, repairing and rebuilding trust as well as restoring communication and secure attachments.

Research indicates that emotionally focused therapy is nowadays considered the most effective form of couple therapy that significantly improves 90% of marriages. This improvement is lasting and helps couples heal, overcome distress and conflict while developing long term love. Emotionally focused therapy also helps creates supportive bonds and secure attachments between couples. This therapy was developed by Dr Sue Johnson and her colleagues in the 1980’s. It is a relatively short-term therapy with an average of eight and up to twenty sessions. The duration of the session is one hour and fifteen minutes.

In the first session, I usually see the couple together where the primary focus is to define the negative pattern that blocks the partners from having the secure loving relationship they want. The following session is usually an individual session where I get to learn more about the attachment and family history of each partner. After this our couple sessions resume again where the main goal is to expand and reorganize the emotional responses of the couple and create new positive cycles fostering a healthy dependency between them. Sessions are dealt with utmost confidentiality whereby the relationship is considered the client and I will only be biased towards anything that benefits the relationship. My priority is that throughout therapy both parties feel totally safe and validated. I make sure that my couples feel that my office space is a zero-judgement zone where they feel safe to pour their hearts out. I also work with couples in the pre-marriage stage to help them get a better perspective in the road ahead and guide them on how to overcome future bumps. I also do discernment counseling to help couples on the brink of divorce gain more clarity about the direction of the relationship and how to handle children in the process. To learn more about emotionally focused couple therapy please visit the official website