Seven Things Happy Couples Talk About That Creates Stronger Connection

Happy couples have a few things in common. One of those is that they choose to talk about things that bring them closer together. As a Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist (EFT) based in Dubai, I discovered that there are seven common topics that happy couples talk about that bring them closer.

1. They Joke around

Happy couples create together a shared sense of humor that helps them have a stronger bond. Playfulness and a quirky sense of humor between couples is a crucial component in establishing a secure relationship. Laughing together about funny jokes is a way to bring you closer to your partner. Happy couples can even use humor to cheer their partner, resolve conflict, or reduce relational stress. However, it is important to remember to laugh together, not at one another. The fear of being laughed at by your partner could have the opposite effect and sabotage your love life.

2. They Reminisce Memories

Sharing memories is something almost all happy couples do. Couples who are happily married make sure to reflect on their cherished memories together. This reminds them of what brought them together in the first place and how special the life they built together. Happy couples even share their childhood memories. Talking about vivid and important memories together helps the love last longer.

3. They Talk About Common Future Goals and Personal Ambitions

Growing together happily is the main goal of happy couples. One of the best things about being in a committed relationship is to share your hopes, dreams, and ambitions with a loving partner who encourages and supports you. Moreover, having a common goal together as a couple and talking about this goal makes the journey worthwhile and exciting.

4. They Share Daily Experiences

Happy couples talk together about their daily experiences regularly. This conversation does not have to be face to face; it could be over the phone or text message. Happy couples always involve one another in what is going on with them in their daily routine. This sends the message that they care for each other in all aspects of life. So, in a happy marriage, if a husband is at work and the wife is at home with the kids, they will always make sure to check one another on how their day is going.

5. They Discuss Big and Small Things

Happy couples talk about everything openly, whether it is a big thing or a small thing. The topics could be as big as parenting issues, money issues, political, spiritual, religious topics, or as small and silly as how uncomfortable a shoe is. Whatever the topic is, happy couples make sure to be attentive, caring, and lovingly responsive when they talk about any topic, no matter how big or small it is.

6. They Talk About Their Feelings, Fears, and Needs

Intimate relationships require that you be vulnerable and have difficult conversations without fear of being judged or laughed at. Therefore, happy couples feel safe and comfortable talking about their feelings, fears, and needs, openly knowing that their partner will be there for them. Being vulnerable together is what creates real intimacy.

7. They Flirt and Talk About Sex

Couples who are close flirt together, talk about sex, and sexual issues openly. They express their sexual desires and talk about all aspects of their sexual life without shame or fear. Sex is not just an act that takes place inside the bedroom. Happy couples view sex as a safe, secure, and exciting adventure that is shared all the time wholeheartedly.

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