What Are The Benefits Of Doing Online Couples’ Therapy And Relationship Counseling?

Who would have imagined that a global pandemic would sweep the world and change our lifestyle? Who would have thought that we would be locked in our homes for so long and forced to virtually interact with the outside world while constantly dealing with our partners and family members?

Covid-19 has not only turned our world upside down but it has also affected the relationships between family members and couples. 

These trying times have left several couples struggling to cope with a new normal of being stuck together side by side for twenty-four hours, non-stop-eventually increasing tension. 

Unfortunately, many marriages are on the brink of divorce because of this mandated quarantine. To understand this, let’s first look at why some couples are suffering to this extent.  

A Sudden Disruption 

As a Marriage, Family Therapist and Family Counselor myself, I do a lot of relationship counseling, couples therapy and family counseling on a daily basis. And before the coronavirus outbreak, the majority of the couples I was working with regularly who came to my office in Dubai were creating a new, more secure bond together. 

They were telling me about how they were overcoming their negative cycle and how their connection was becoming deeper. I could see that by using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with my couples, their loving relationship was improving, and at the same time, their emotional bond was strengthening. 

Then Covid-19 hit us by surprise and in the same way that the majority of us moved our practice online, I started doing online marriage counseling and online couples therapy sessions too. 

Unfortunately, some of my clients felt that they might not benefit from online couples’ therapy and decided to stop and wait to resume therapy with me again at the office once lockdown was over. 

As for my other regular clients who decided to go ahead and continue with online couples counseling, I immediately noticed in the beginning that the dynamics of their relationship and temper had changed drastically. 

The improvements that they had witnessed before coronavirus lockdown had dwindled. The couples were finding themselves returning to the negative cycle of interaction that was initially present before having had successfully overcome after working with me. 

Observations During Quarantine

They were scared of the quality of their marriage and how their relationship was deteriorating. As we started working together again but this time online, we started investigating why this happened and realized the following:

1. Just like everyone else in the world, the couple was grieving a life they had before lockdown and they were stuck in this cycle of grief together not knowing how to support each other. 

2. This isolation from the outside world was causing them a lot of anxiety and they were not able to comfort each other adequately.

3. The lack of space and privacy was making them more agitated.

4. Uncertainty about life in general, work and financial situation was also taking an emotional toll on both of them.

5. Staying with the kids for so long and being responsible for them around the clock with no space to breathe also added to the tension.

A Turning Point 

Once we unraveled that what they were going through was normal they realized that it didn’t mean that their relationship was worsening or that their marriage was doomed to fail. 

They discovered that they were not the only ones who were struggling with anxiety, sadness, depression, frustration and uncertainty. This was the turning point where we started to work together again and see positive changes happening in the relationship due to online counseling. 

In fact, they were now benefitting immensely from online marriage counseling while in quarantine. Their relationship was now stronger than before and they considered online couples’ therapy a blessing to them. 


Online marriage counseling and online couples’ therapy is extremely convenient. You can reap the benefits of strengthening your relationship, saving your marriage and overcoming emotional issues at the convenience of your home.


It is more comfortable for you as a couple. I know several couples who struggled regularly to find someone to attend to their kids at home while they came to my office on a weekly basis. Now, the same couples are finding it more comfortable and less worrying since they would just be doing the sessions with me from their house while their kids were busy playing in another room.


It is accessible as you can do therapy with me from anywhere in the world and you don’t have to be in the United Arab Emirates or travel especially to come to see me in the office. It is extremely practical for my long-distance couples and families.


Online marriage counseling gives you more privacy. Some of my clients, especially celebrities would always feel uncomfortable coming to my office for privacy reasons. Now they are more relaxed doing online therapy with me from home without having to awkwardly bump into other people.


It is more affordable as you are saving transportation money and not paying for help to attend to your kids while coming to my office.

Final Words

It is important to mention that couples’ therapy is now more important than ever, even before the outbreak of covid-19 since it helps you understand your partner’s needs more and not get on each other’s nerves.

 Online counseling is really impactful so if you feel like speaking to a Family Counselor and do relationship counseling at the convenience of your home please contact me on ds@www.daliasheiha.com or WhatsApp me on 00971502369395.

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