Best Couples Therapy

Why Is EFT Therapy The Best Couples Therapy?

A lot of people nowadays are desperately seeking family therapy and marriage counseling. There are several therapists out there who do family counseling and couples therapy using different therapy models. As a matter of fact, treatment is now more accessible to people as more therapists are offering online therapy and online counseling. But how do you, as a client, know if the money and time you are investing in your therapy will be worth it in the end? 




One of the main points you should be looking for when searching for the right therapist is these therapists’ credentials and qualifications. Also, what is the model this therapist is using in therapy? Is this therapist certified in the model, and are the reviews on the model positive? In other words, how effective is this therapy process going to be? 

What is EFT


Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a short treatment for individual, couples, and family therapy developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and her colleagues in the 1980’s. The attachment theory served as a basis for such treatment. EFT therapy is recognized as the world’s best scientifically proven and most effective couple intervention therapy and addresses individual and family issues. In short, EFT is the gold standard therapy in the world with the highest achieved efficiency results improving 90% of relationships.

Why Choose EFT for Marriage Counseling?


Below are just a few reasons of why EFT is your best option for couples’ therapy and relationship counseling:


1. Creates Stronger Bond


Since EFT is based on attachment theory, it is essential to understand that when your attachment longings are unmet, it leads to pain and fear. So, you end up feeling disconnected from your partner and alone when your needs are unsatisfied by the most important person in your life. As an EFT therapist, I will help you create a stronger connection with your other half by expressing your needs to your partner so that he/she wants to meet such needs lovingly.


2. Deeper Emotional Connection 

In an EFT session with me, I deal with your emotions as a messenger of love. I help you explain to your partner what is going on inside in a way where he/she can hold it. We see the underlying emotion that drives each of your behaviors and help you share it softly so that you can reengage on a deeper emotional level.


3. Better Communication


When you are in a reactive mode, you tend to push your partner away. Being vulnerable helps you bond more and connect on a deeper level. I address how you communicate together and how to improve your communication skills.


4. Helps you overcome the negative cycle


As a result of the problems you are facing as a couple, you get stuck in a negative cycle that takes over the relationship. I help the angry, critical partner to share longings in a soft, vulnerable way. I also assist the partner that shuts down to re-engage and get closer.


5. Become the best version of yourself with your partner


I will support you to reach your goal of connection and what your heart desires. As a result, you can be your best selves with each other.


On a final note, I am proud to state that I am the first and only certified EFT therapist in the United Arab Emirates and one of the leading pioneers of EFT in the Middle East region. I am also the only one entirely based and practicing in the Arab world. Online counseling is really impactful, so if you feel like speaking to a Marriage Counselor and do couples therapy at the convenience of your home, please contact me on or WhatsApp me on 00971502369395.